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The Last Station (2009)

Dahil ni-request mo ang shot na ‘to sa work ni Picasso..

Happy birthday baby! @ivandescartin 🍪

And another movie I’m bound to watch one of these days, “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. Painting by Johannes Vermeer

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I watched “Frida” yesterday and guess whose painting this is. Diego Rivera, her husband’s.

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"What is done with love is done well."

I never expected that this Puzzle Mansion would be this artistic!
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Something’s baking!

I think I’m getting closer to who I want to be. And he has contributed a good deal to it. #baking

Because I’m inspired, you’ll get a card. Watercolor + sharpie

And I’ll be doing more! In the mean time, feel free to contact me (or comment below) if you want to buy this or want a personalized card/post card/artwork.

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Watching “In the Realms of the Unreal” last night made me feel quite renewed today. Henry Darger was a poor man. But that didn’t stop him from improvising and innovating techniques to create his realm of the unreal.
He had a sad personal life but as one of his neighbors said, they never knew someone who has a more richer inner life than him.

As an artist, this story alone is enough to fill my bucket of hope. He never tried to impress anyone but himself. He was never ambitious. He simply lived his art.

In the Realms of the Unreal (2002, Jessica Yu)


Henry Darger (1892-1973) is in many respects the prototypical “outsider” artist: a recluse who created a startling imaginary world in his rented room, unbeknownst to anyone but himself. Between approximately 1910 and 1921, Darger wrote what is believed to be the longest novel in existence, which he called The Story of the Vivian Girls in What is Known as the Realms of the Unreal or the Glandelinian War Storm or the Glandico-Abbiennian Wars, as Caused by the Child Slave Rebellion (for short, In the Realms of the Unreal.

Darger’s creation was never intended to be revealed, and was discovered only shortly before his death by his landlord. Darger’s world is a place of civil unrest. In Darger’s children’s book, warring nations fight for domination and in the midst of it all; the Vivian girls. Seven Abenian sisters fleeing the forces of their evil Glendelinian oppressors. The poor sisters are frequently compelled to defrock themselves and hide among the child slaves around them. Faerie-like creatures and Christian armies are there to help them.


Hothouse Flower

Hanging out in the realms of the unreal.

I planted three types of seed. I’m quite certain with the sunflower seedlings, but not with the other two. I’m pretty excited to find out. Sana hindi naman ligaw na halaman lang yung tumubo.
What gives me hope for now.
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A portrait.

Stylist & Photographer: @waitdenise
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My new favorite picture of me. Thanks for the great photos, D. I hope nabigyan ko ng justice yung visual pegs mo for your finals.