"Norte: Hangganan ng Kasaysayan" with La Baby @ivandescartin

Finally! Thank you La Bamba @ivandescartin 😎
And I don’t know why pero nai-attach ko bigla ang Eraserheads sa “Ang Nawawala.” So, a rewatch tonight! 😭

My #WCW is the fabulous French girl Laura Sfez @lecoledesfemmes

How are you? Know what, I missed Tumblr; the secrets, little talks, musings about life, and whatnot. I’ve been long gone, I know. Let’s just say, I tried to venture into that world where people live the normal life, talk to their heart’s content, express, and impress. I’ve been WITH other people. That’s a really big step forward, isn’t it? But I have to tell you something. Something important that happened last Sunday which made me realize I just can’t be like everyone else, no matter how hard I try.

It was an ordinary day at work, or so I thought. There had been a meeting and all the employees from the on-boarding team, including me, were called. There really shouldn’t be any reason to be nervous. We talked/reviewed about narratives; it was a round discussion. Moments later, I just suddenly found the conference room a tad bit colder. I was shaking (achingly and quietly inside). I actually thought I had gone past this stage already, but as it turned out, I still haven’t. Not that easily. Talking to other people besides him makes my insides squirm. I keep on saying that I’ll be bolder and better. I’m on my way trying to better myself, but maybe I simply can’t get any bolder than this. So umm, here’s me going back to my old habitat. Am I still welcome?

First of twenty..

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Sources of inspiration, new glittery scissors, some knickknacks, and green tea.

Now, my mood’s calmed down.


Tagal ko na hindi nakapag-digital. 😅 This one’s still a draft, but I need to post it just because.

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Check out JUAN’s MANLIEST cover model, Miguel Vasquez!


Some of my illustrations (Hopefully, once they’re done! Huhu) as well as the words of the very talented @ivandescartin will be featured on the Pelicula Issue of the webmag JUAN. In the mean time, lezz spread the word! 🎬

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"A joy that kills."
A groupie of my palettes because the colors make me happy. They motivate me too much that it almost makes me want to work nonstop.

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Talk about challenging. This is actually my first time to paint seascapes. I hope I don’t disappoint my former professor who ordered these bags. 😇

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I got home to this! 😭

Thank you so much for the exposure @juancomph and for the opportunity Miss @maanilustre and Miss @patriciacoronado :D

Support your local artists!! 😇🌻

Excited na ko sa new illustrations, sana matapos ko na sila! 😂
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Finally! 😭 witnessing the lunar eclipse with @missrockstarvip 🌗 #bloodmoon