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Good Friday and I just wanted to create something, a tribute for the heartbreaking events that this day represents.
#dailysketch #artph #holyweek

Toxic and relationships and the mixture of two. A stimulating article by Miss Maan Ilustre. Thanks @juancomph for featuring my works. 🌻 #juan #artph #april #issue

Natalia. #dailysketch #artph

Been a week (almost) since we last saw each other and this week’s reunion could be one of the hippest and warmest. Not because of the flaming desire (Haha!) and love we have for each other but due to the coffee and the amazing aura that this wondrous coffee shop radiated. There were three older adults— two ladies and a gent— when we came in but only the two of us plus the two owners (employee?) were left alone within the mocha-chocolate-caramel walls of Karlosi’s for the next 2 to 3 hours. Peaceful? Definitely! From the sounds to the foods we ordered, everything was heavenly.

Again, I very much enjoyed this afternoon I had with you my Bam! Merci!

Good morning! Gonna take the exit MELT in a bit. In the mean time, kindly check out this noteworthy article by miss Maan Ilustre (and my caricature-like illustrations). Go to:

Watercolor and charcoal practice #dailysketch #artph

My dream of going to a ball looking like I’m from the 50’s, check! #ballgown #ball #50s #vintage #red #gold #black

Lady in Red (by Chareze S)

What I wore last night for MCL Graduation Ball 2014 #ball #graduation #red #ballgown #gold

What I found on Book Sale today. 💁 #AnneTaintor #vscocam #women #humor

Just got home from a five-day stay at our aunt’s 3-storey haven and look what I found!! My baby sunflower’s blooooomin! Welcome to the world Anais and Alain! I couldn’t even find the words to describe how this made my entire week. 😭🌻🌻 #vscocam #sunflower #organic #gardening

this urn will turn you into a tree after you die



and you can choose what kind of tree you want to become


just imagine cemeteries looking like this


life after death


this is how all cemeteries should look. its awkward to hug a gravestone. imagine hugging your grandma/tree. ugh rebuild all cemeteries

"Forest of the dead"

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