PSYCHO (1960, Alfred Hitchcock)

A reaction. This is my first film with Mr. Alfred Hitchcock. I got dragged into it due to several people’s recommendations and now, here at my reach are three films: Pyscho, The Rear Window, and Vertigo. 

To get things going, I plunged in head first into Psycho. Having watched several other psycho-themed (American Psycho, among others) thrillers, I brought with me some hazy memories of what I might find in-line with this particular story. Of course there should be this one guy or woman who’d kill for reasons that are in itself is disturbing and twisted. After the murder, he’d clean up the bloody mess, and churn the place upside down til no pieces of evidence is left

I’m not one of the fiercest critics; not even one to begin with but in my disappointment, “that” with a mixture of Peacock (2010), is exactly what I got out of the whole experience. It is a bit downing since I have had much expectations from the film. But then, I told myself, wait this was produced in the 60s. Haven’t watched much from that era but it was apparent now that this very film could be the template that started it all. This very “Psycho” had set the standards for the psychologically challenged serial killers in movies. If that’s the case, then it just made me wish I’d seen this first over all the others. 

As oppose to the disappointment I’ve stated earlier, here then is one of some elements I believe aided or raised the bar a little higher for “Pyscho”, Norman bates’ character. He is this charming, a bit weird but handsome, and sweet-looking man that I don’t think anyone, at few first encounters, would suspect being ill. Seemingly passive but is vivaciously blood-thirsty (or perhaps, it was his mother).


DVD’s from him and I’m very much honored.

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